Why Do We Work?

We will accomplish something today. I am writing a blog. Earlier, I found work for three people. Tomorrow, I will be doing something else – just don’t know what until then.

We work because we are part of a team. People that we see almost every work day will be working, and our co-workers will be disappointed if we do not report and support the team effort.

We work for a reasonably comfortable life. Working allows us to pay rent, utilities, and do more of the things that we enjoy – at the beach, in the mountains, and being in traffic jams just because the road calls us. We work for the reward of a nice dinner, movie, concert, or reasonable losses in the casinos.

If the accomplishments, the team, good mental health, and a comfortable life were not enough, we work because some one had faith in us, then offered us the opportunity to work. We should not disappoint them or ourselves. Okay, time to stop blogging and do some work.

Why do you work?

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