Spring Cleaning is Necessary

Spring is a perfect time to evaluate the activities, contacts, and physical work place environment over the last year, and to plan going forward with an approach that is more productive, less stressed, and more focused.

Review the activities. They could include email, telephone calls, meetings, and seminars.  Determine which activities helped you attain the goals that were set.  If the activity was not successful in the past, should you expect a more successful outcome going forward?  Make decisions now on what activities should have a priority or more consideration.  Do not be afraid to dismiss habitual activity that is unproductive.

Evaluate the personal contacts you made and received since the last spring cleaning.  Did any of the contacts have a benefit either to your professional or personal well being?  Some contacts especially those from on-line communities or social media may have no purpose other than the consumption of your time.  Conversely, spring cleaning is a good time to communicate your expectations to those contacts that you would like to continue into the future.

Assess your physical environment.  Do you need the paper files or printed materials that are in your personal work space? If so, impose some organization on materials that are kept.  If possible, remove from your immediate work space items that are rarely needed. If your work space have never needed items, can the items be stored elsewhere?  Here is a caution: you must be careful with items that relate to a business purpose of your organization.  You do not “own” items that relate to the business purpose; and you should not alter or destroy a business purpose item.  Examples of business purpose items are the email, communication logs, business diaries, and office files.  If you are unsure of what to do with any document of the business, you to need to investigate both the retention requirement as well as your storage options. Fortunately, some items can be converted to cloud-based storage or to electronic media.

Now you should be feeling more spring like.  You can look forward to doing more of the activities that positively affect the business purpose of your work place.  And, you will have more time for those productive activities because you have reduced the time you are searching for both the persons and the materials you actually need.  If you would like to discuss cloud-based or electronic storage solutions, please contact Ron Swift at Swift Staffing at www.swiftstaffing.com

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