Now Is The Time To Hire

Earlier this year or sometime last year, your goal was to get additional staff to help your business generate more profit, become more efficient, be more responsive to customers, or to explore new opportunities. Unfortunately, your goal is not being realized until you decide that now is the time to hire. Consider the situation you presently have:

  1. It is now mid March, and almost 25% of the year is over. The longer you wait, the less of a positive impact hiring will have on your business this current year. If you do nothing, the positive impact will be zero.
  2. If summer is your busier time, now is the time to hire and train the staff you will need. It would be easier on you and everyone if the training is in place before the need.
  3. If you are seeking college students for either an internship or regular employment, now is the time that students are making decisions about summer employment. You should not wait much longer, or you will not have much time to attract good, reliable students for the summer or for the fall.
  4. If you just need help with your decision to hire or with the process of hiring, discuss this with a reputable staffing agency, and be guided to an option that works now and in the future for your business. I recommend you contact Swift Staffing and take advantage of almost 100 years of combined staffing and human resource experience.

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