Getting Hired with the Right AAS

Everyone needs to focus on three areas when entering and while working in the workforce. I call this working on your AAS so you will be employable. Hopefully, after you have this AAS, an employer will decide that you deserve an appropriate opportunity to show that you can be a capable, competent, and trustworthy employee.

A” is attitude. Everyone sees the attitude. The most important thing you need each day is a good attitude. Wake up each morning with positive thoughts about yourself and others. You have some control of how others perceive you. The correct attitude will get you through the ebb and flow of the day. You will have tough days but the correct attitude gives you perspective for the present and provides motivation to continue with your professional and personal endeavors. Some days you lose interest, struggle, but your attitude for success does not allow failure into your thoughts. Have a good attitude at all times.

A” is attendance. If you work for someone, you are accountable for the schedule you accepted. Assuming all other standards are met, your continuation of employment is largely contingent on the consistency of your attendance. You should have in place the arrangements and support systems so that the unpredictable non-work demands will have minimal impact on your attendance. If the person you work for is yourself, the accountability is more critical. Your success could be totally dependent on both real time and the real effort you make.

S” is skills. This is the area that receives the most attention from employers and employees alike. Without a doubt, you need to acquire the skills necessary to do your work. A basic knowledge of spelling, grammar, and general arithmetic is expected by most employers. If you need other skills or knowledge, you should make an immediate effort to acquire the skill or knowledge. You can learn from persons who already have the skill. You may need to join a group, or even invest in formal training. Without the requisite skills, your work will not be as efficient or as timely as it could be. If the person needing the skill is yourself, and you are not inclined to learn the skill needed in your business, you may need to hire support staff.

Now if you have a great attitude, make a good effort to maintain your attendance, and the reasonable skills for the work you wish to do, you should be ready for employment. If the next employment opportunity seems not to happen, visit Swift Staffing at on the web, or telephone us. We will help you determine if there are other areas specific to you that need your attention.

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