5 Tips for Summer Dressing at the Office

Now that the summer weather is upon us, we always like to remind employees and job seekers what is appropriate dress attire at the office. It is tempting to dish closed toe shoes for ones that show too much. Keep in mind that your bosses and prospective employers are watching you at all times. If you are a Manager, you want to set the right tone for your employees. Here are five tips for summer dressing.

1. Be sure to cover your arms appropriately. Short sleeves are acceptable. Tank tops are not acceptable in many offices.

2. Have appropriate leg coverage. Shorts are still a no no in many workplaces.   Just remember not to wear something too short. Gentlemen should always wear a belt.

3. Cover your feet appropriately. Open toe shoes are not appropriate in many offices due to safety issues. You should not wear flip flops, shower shoes, or bedroom slippers in the workforce.

4. Wear a professional shirt. Polo shirts and button down shirts are always safe. It is never ok to show your belly at work. Also, this is not the time to show your love for a particular political candidate.

5. Do not wear hats. Hats are generally a no no in the office. The exception is a workplace cookout or if you are working outside in the rain. Ladies should not wear any headbands that are a distraction.

When in doubt, don’t wear it.

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