Quick Pointers on Dressing for the Office during Fall Weather

We are entering the Fall season, and we gradually shift from dressing for the heat and humidity of summer to dressing for cooler and more inclement weather of the fall and winter seasons. This the time to get into the boots, sweaters, head covers, and leg warmers. Please consider these pointers:

Boots especially those constructed for snow and ice conditions are not acceptable in an office. Best suggestion is wear your boots but carry your normal office shoes and change into them once you arrive at the office. In all seasons, shoes that worn in the office should be closed toe, and made of leather or similar materials, and be in good repair.

Sweaters may be worn with a few cautions. Whether button down or pull-over, the sweater should not have graphics, logos, or large writing. If the office has a holiday celebration, the holiday sweater may be acceptable that day only. If there is any chance that your attire will offend any one, discus the item with your supervisor before wearing it. If it is the custom at the office to recognize the favorite team’s next sporting event it may be appropriate to wear the jersey or sweat-top of the team. However, permitted attire on that day is never acceptable any other day of the week.

Slacks made of a wool or cotton material are always appropriate. Jeans of any color should not be worn without prior authorization. We are mindful that there are times especially when the weather is snow and ice that may justify the wearing of jeans instead of dress slacks. In those cases, the jeans should be of a dark color and in good repair.

Hats and caps may be worn to work but not while in the office. Enough said.

Leggings may be worn to work but not while in the office. Ditto above.

Although the weather changes, the best rule is try to maintain as much of the normal dress code as possible. In all situations, clothing should be appropriate, worn correctly, clean, and in good repair. If there is the possibility of you being reprimanded for your attire, make the adjustment before arriving at your assignment.

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