Job: Computer Network Specialists

Title Computer Network Specialists
Categories Technical
Salary $20-$22 per hour
Location Baltimore City, Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties
Job Information

Computer Network Specialists needed for our government clients in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Anne Arundel Counties.   The Computer Network Specialists will provide work planning, integrating and maintaining software and hardware for local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer networks to include operating systems software and network communications software.

Essential Duties:

  • Consults with users to discuss local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer network software and hardware needs, to assess existing software and hardware and to survey the sites where networks will be located;
  • Designs the structure of local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer networks and prepares plans, reports and diagrams documenting the type and location of software and hardware;
  • Installs operating system software and network communications software for microcomputer or minicomputer networks;
  • Installs applications software and customizes as required;
  • Configures network software and hardware to provide for efficient and effective network performance and data security;
  • Prepares and assembles technical documentation and user documentation for network software and hardware;
  • Monitors the performance of the network software and hardware through network management and diagnostic programs and utilities, adjusts the network for maximum efficiency, maintains and analyzes records of network activity and recommends and implements network software and hardware upgrades;
  • Diagnoses network software and hardware problems and makes repairs and adjustments or obtains service from software and hardware vendors and maintenance vendors;
  • Runs backups of network data, archives data as required and develops and maintains disaster recovery plans;
  • Oversees the installation of network hardware;
  • Reviews technical manuals and other technical literature and attends workshops, seminars and training classes to learn various network systems used by the agency and to keep abreast of the latest developments in computer network technology;
  • May train users in computer network software and hardware;
  • May develop and program applications software;
  • May install and maintain network hardware and stand-alone microcomputer software and hardware;
  • May install and maintain communications links to mainframe computers;
  • May direct support staff responsible for user support, hardware installation, data entry and other support functions;


  • Knowledge of the functions and capabilities of local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer network hardware such as cables and other transmission media, connectors, communications devices, multi-station access units, file servers, printers, disk drives, network cards and emulators;
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of data processing systems analysis and design;
  • Knowledge of fourth generation computer programming languages;
  • Skill in planning, integrating and maintaining local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer network software and hardware;
  • Skill in configuring local or wide area microcomputer or minicomputer network software and hardware for efficient and effective network performance;
  • Ability to communicate and establish and maintain effective working relationships with network users, vendor representatives and customer engineers.
  • Completion of a certification program in Network Engineering or Internetwork Routing, such as Certified Novell Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
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